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writings 1976

“During this period of my research (which preceded and followed publication of Towards New Expression, Rome, Italy 1972-73. I oriented my studies to restoring those characteristics of the female image which had been intentionally hidden or transformed by a whole tradition in the visual arts.I particularly wanted to study objects at close range: the female sexual organ, a shell, the structure of a flower, all those secondary symbols such as architectural details, drapery in Roman statuary, a sarcophagus or other elements in sculpture and painting where it is still possible to perceive a primordial naturalness of female symbols which have gradually become covered up in western art.I am also aware of those elements in the human figure which present both female and male characteristics. This kind of dualism is present in the tradition of the visual arts and attracted me as other ambiguous phenomena that the artist could not reveal directly. I try to uncover a structure of a form in the hidden message which is not immediately apparent.I like to veil the exactitude of details and leave only an indeterminate halo. At other times the meaning is more than clear…”

Suzanne Santoro 1976

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