Solo Exhibitions


2014    Exhibition for the Convention:“Marija Gimbutas: Vent’anni di Studi sulla Dea”, Casa         

        Internazionale delle Donne, Rome, Italy

2013    “L’immagine imprevista”, Alveare Milano (Centro polivalente femminista). curated

        by LeoNilde Carabba, Milan  

2010    “Suzanne Santoro”, Kyo Art Gallery, Viterbo, Italy

2004    “La Rosa e Il Rosso”, Irtus Gallery, Sutri, Italy.

1999    “Vision and Difference”, Stella Maris Gallery,  M. Casetti, Rome, Italy

1996    “La Fonte”, G. Casetti Gallery, Rome, Italy

1995    “Iconoclastia”, Il Politenico, Rome, Italy

1993    “Drawing in and Out”,  Studio 51/a, Istituto Daniela Gara, Rome, Italy

1988    Romana Loda Multimedia Gallery, Brescia, Italy

1984    Romana Loda Multimedia Gallery, Brescia, Itlay

1983    l'Indiscreto Gallery, Rome, Italy

1982    Galleria Del Falconiere, Ancona, Italy

1981    Pellegrino Gallery, Bologna, Italy  

1980    “The Beast Inside The Shell:On The Origins Of Painting”, curated by Romana Loda, Brescia, Italy

1979    The University of Rhode Island, Rodhe Island, U.S.A.

1977    The Warren Street Museum, New York City, U.S.A

        "Busanel & Santoro", Cooperativa Beato Angelico, Rome, Italy

        Galleria del Falconiere in Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy

        Galleria del Falcnoniere, Bologna, Italy

1975    Multimedia Galleria  Romana Loda, Brescia, Italy

        La Cooperativa di via Beato Angelico, Rome, Italy

        "Magma", Castello Oldofredi, curated by Romana Loda, Brescia; Michaud Gallery, Firenze, Italy




Group Exhibitions


2021    "Io dico Io – I say I", Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome, curated by Cecilia Canziani,            Lara Conte and Paola Ugolini, from 27/02/2021 to 23/05/2021.

2019    "The Unexpected Subject: 1978 Art and Feminism in Italy / Il Soggetto Imprevisto: 1978 Arte e

        Femminismo in Italia", FM Centre for Contemporary Art, Milan, April - May. Curated by Marco

        Scotini and Raffaella Perna.

        "Doing Deculturalization" Museion, Bolzano, April. Curated by Ilse Lafer.  

2018    "Helen Chadwick,Beatrice Marchi,Rosa Panaro,Suzanne Santoro" curated by Francesca Lacatena at            Sandy Brown, Berlin, 28.04.18 - 26.05.18 

        "Magma, Il corpo e la parola nell'arte femminile in Italia e in Lituania dal 1965 ad

        oggi", curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini, Ist.Centrale per la  grafica, Roma, 25 gennaio -          2 aprile 2018.

2017    "Televisionario. ideato da  Francesco Vezzoli guarda la RAI", curated da Cristiana

        Perrella. Fondazione Prada, Milano. May 8 - Sept 24.

        "MAGMA. Writing in bodies. Italy and Lithuania from 1965 to nowadays", curated by Benedetta

        Carpi De Resmini. National Gallery of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania. Aprll 14 - July 4. curated

        by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini.

2016    Feminist Avant-guarde of the 1970s. Works from the Verbund Collections, The Photographer's

        Gallery, London

2015    “Suite Rivolta. Carla Lonzi’s feminist and the art of revolt”, curated by Anna Daneri e       

        Giovanna  Zapperi, Museu da Electricidade, Lisbon. (The exhibition is part of Doclisboa’s

        Passages programm).

        "The Great Mother" Palazzo Reale, Milan, August 25 - November 15.

        “The body as language”, Richard Saltoun Gallery, curated by Paola Ugolini, London

2014    “La grande illusione”, Gallery of Art - Temple University Rome, Rome, Italy

2013    “Anni Settanta.Arte a Roma” a cura di Daniela Lancioni, Palazzo delle

        Esposizioni,Rome, from 17/12/2013 til 2/3/2014.

2011    “Il mondo è delle donne. Artiste a Roma tra anni ’70 e oggi”, curated by Laura

        Iamurri and Greg Smith, Gallery of Art - Temple University Rome, Rome, Italy

2010   “The Visible Vagina”, David Nolan Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

2005    Galleria Irtus Italy Sutri, Italy

2004    "Mimosa" Sala 1 Gallery, Rome, Italy

2004    "Carte 7" curated by Mariangela Schroth in collaboration with  Embassy of Italian in

        Theran and Farnesina.

2002    “Le Bateau Ivre. Giovanna Marini e I Laboratori dell’Immaginaro", Sala 1, Rome,


2000    “Camera da Donna”, Temple University, Rome, Italy

1994    “Artist's objects “, Il Politecnico, Rome, Italy

1992    "Collective Exhibition", Studio 51/a Istituto Daniela Gara, Rome, Italy

1988    "Roman Americans", Sala 1, curated by Edith Scholss, Rome, Italy

1987    "Pearls in the clouds", Romana Loda Multimedia Gallery, Brescia, Italy

1984    "9 artistes italiens", Galerie Pierre Lescot, Paris, curated by Vanessa Delouya ,

        tour in 9 french cities, France

1981    "The second international Drawing Triennale", Museum of architecture and History,

        Warsaw, Poland

        "L'anello di Moebius", Romana Loda Multimedia Gallery, Brescia, Italy

1980    "The Missing Nail”", Romana Loda Multimedia Gallery, Brescia, italy

        "Isidora Duncan's Scarf" , curated by Romana Loda, Modern Art Galerie, Wien,

        Austria; Galleria Skema, Rome, Italy

1979    "Posters, books, postcards", The Women's Building, Los Angeles, U.S.A

        "Accidents in Photography", Cucholon Gallery, New York City, U.S.A

        "Sommario", Romana Loda Multimedia Gallery, Brescia, Italy

1978    "Chia, Colombo, Santoro" curated by Annina Nosei, C Space, New York City, U.S.A.

        "XII Rassegna Internazionale d'Arte" curated by Silvana Sinisi, Palazzo Comunale,

        Acireale, Italy "Santoro/Busanel", Cooperativa Beato Angelico, Rome, Italy

1977    "Magma" curated by Romana Loda, Museo Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy

        "La Quadriennale" , Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy

        “Kunstlerinnen International 1877-1977 ", SchloB Charlottenburg Orangerie, Spandauer  Damm,

        Berlin, Germany  

        "Gallery Artists", Galerie Lara Vincy, Paris, France

        Scede Iterant & Ephemeral, Bruxelles, Netherlands

        "Il volto sinistro dell'arte" curated by Romana Loda, De Amicis Gallery , Florence, Italy

1976     "Magma", curated by Romana Loda, Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara, Italy

        "Another Measure" , Romana Loda Multimedia Gallery, Brescia, Italy

        Galleria del Falconiere, Ancona, Italy

        “Artist's Books”, The Insitute of Contemporary Arts, London, England

        “Towards New Expression”, The British National Museum Arts Council of Great Britain,

        London, England

1975    "Magma", Romana Loda Multimedia Gallery, Brescia, Italy

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