7/10/2016  London. The Photographer's Gallery. Feminist Avant Garde in the 1970s "Then & Now".

           Exhibition curator, Gabriele Schor, chairs this roundtable discussion with

           exhibiting artists Anneke Barger, Suzy Lake, Karin Mack, Margot Pilz, Suzanne Santoro              and Lydia Schouten.


13/12/2015 London. ICA/Showoom Gallery. Conference: "Now you can go. Pannel: "Herstories from

           Italy": talk on "The Cooperativa Beato Angelico" by Katia Almerini.       



7/10/2015  London. Women’s Art Library. “Iconoclasm now. A talk with Suzanne Santoro”. With

           Katia Almerini’s presentation: “Suzanne Santoro and the Beato Angelico Cooperative”.

           Curated by Francesco Ventrella.


12/3/2014  Malaga, Spain. University of Malaga. “Encounter between feminism, modernity and

           representation. The work of Suzanne Santoro, the Beato Angelico Cooperative and the

           Seventies” curated by Carla Subrizi.


1/2/2014   Rome. National Gallery of Modern Art. “Duchamp Female Ready Made”, curated by

           Carla Subrizi.


15/1/2014  Rome. University of La Sapienza.”Art and Feminism. Suzanne Santoro, Cloti

           Ricciardi”,  curated by Raffaella Perna and Claudio Zambianchi.


11/1/2013  Parigi, Conference organized by Travelling Feministe“ Carla Lonzi, Critiqu d’art et



1997       Rome.Istituto di Ortofonologia, 8th National Convention:”The graphic development Deaf

           Childreen Ages 2-6.


1995       Il Politecnico. “Suzanne Santoro: My work since 1971”.


1991       Roma. Centro di Documentazione Internazionale Alma Sabatini, “Taking about Art”- A.



1979       New York, U.S.A. University of Rhode Island, “My Work.

1978       New York, U.S.A., A.I.R.Gallery, “My Work”.